Beautiful Pine Shelves 
(510) 655-6438
BFM Space A 124
Custom pine shelves and Pine & Fir CD units. Shelving can also be made of hardwoods.
Julie's Beads
(415) 643-3172
BFM Space C 222
Beads from all over the world. Glass, Czech beads, Pearls from Asia. Findings, cords & threading materials.
BNOJ Airbrush
(510) 715-0455
Custom design apparel. We can airbrush anything ie. clothing, walls, shoes, helmets, portraits, etc. Heatpress available also! Group discounts!
Sakinah's Lasting Aromas
(510) 848-7234
BFM Space A 6
Soaps, incense, body oils and more.
Kenyan Safari Designs
Tel: (510) 827-5930
Fax: (510) 597-1564
Protherose Soaps Britt Newtom
(510) 677-5836
Handmade soaps & body products. Shea butter, body butter, body scrub, bath slats, lotions, body oils, incense, and much more!
Iyoba Body Essentials
(510) 830-9600
Blue Lotus Design
Tel: (510)717-5807
Fax: (510) 832-4425
Ituri Scents
(510) 356-5314
(510) 290-7442
One of a Kind Silk Heart & Cross Pillows
(510) 253-4477
For Birthdays, Baby Showers Anniversaries, Friendship, Memories, Keepsake, Funerals or other Special Occasions. Made to order.
Melanie Mazeline & Teresa Boydon
Traditional Peruvian Beauty In Urban Wares in collaboration with local women artists.
Doggie Style Grilled Sandwich's
Terrence Cloman
(510) 837-0105
Hamburgers, hotdogs, hotlinks, ribs, and much more!!!!



(510) 228-2401
New and used camers, cd players, VCR'S, stereos, and anything else electronic you may need

Jeans Repair Service
Ripped or just plan Worn out.....he is the man with the needle in his hand!!!!


(510) 927-7515

Accesories and More
Handbags,jewelry,shoes,clothes and everything else you want to treat your self too.

African Arts
(505) 489-5315

Musa African Imports

(510) 938-5788


Lora Sall
African Mud cloth for making hats, pants, jackets, and much more!!!!!