Beautiful Pine Shelves 
(510) 655-6438
BFM Space A 124
Custom pine shelves and Pine & Fir CD units. Shelving can also be made of hardwoods.

BNOJ Airbrush
(510) 715-0455
Custom design apparel. We can airbrush anything ie. clothing, walls, shoes, helmets, portraits, etc. Heatpress available also! Group discounts!

Sakinah's Lasting Aromas
(510) 848-7234
BFM Space A 6
Soaps, incense, body oils and more.

Kenyan Safari Designs
Tel: (510) 827-5930
Fax: (510) 597-1564

Protherose Soaps Britt Newtom
(510) 677-5836
Handmade soaps & body products. Shea butter, body butter, body scrub, bath slats, lotions, body oils, incense, and much more!

Iyoba Body Essentials
(510) 830-9600

Blue Lotus Design
Tel: (510)717-5807
Fax: (510) 832-4425

Ituri Scents
(510) 356-5314

(510) 290-7442

One of a Kind Silk Heart & Cross Pillows
(510) 253-4477
For Birthdays, Baby Showers Anniversaries, Friendship, Memories, Keepsake, Funerals or other Special Occasions. Made to order.

Melanie Mazeline & Teresa Boydon
Traditional Peruvian Beauty In Urban Wares in collaboration with local women artists.

(510) 927-7515

Accesories and More
Handbags,jewelry,shoes,clothes and everything else you want to treat your self too.

African Arts
(505) 489-5315Musa African Imports
(510) 938-5788

Lora Sall
African Mud cloth for making hats, pants, jackets, and much more!!!!!Type your paragraph here.