A Pollinator Party at the Berkeley Flea Market



2nd Annual Bay Area Bee Fair - A Pollinator Party at the Berkeley Flea Market
An annual event presented by a group of local and concerned citizens to Celebrate, Educate,
Fascinate, and Motivate community and “Newbees” about bees and other pollinators. Pollinator
health is vital to our health!

Where: Ashby BART station (Martin Luther King and Adeline Street, Berkeley)
The Berkeley Flea Market, this year’s party host, has been a community institution for 50 years.
It provides a place to celebrate the diversity of global and local culture and the importance of
community health and healing.

When: Sunday, October 13, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m .

What: Kid’s Art Activities,




and More

Market stalls will include activities for kids of all ages, pollinator-themed art, education and
inspiration for supporting bee and other pollinator populations. Participants will learn about
planting pollinator–friendly gardens and creating shelter/habitats. You can also meet and join
local projects and buy bee products and pollinator-friendly plants from local sources.

Bees and Other Pollinators Are Vital, but in Decline - they need us now!
Pollinators are vital to the environment and ensure we have food to eat. However, their
populations have had shocking declines and many species are now threatened. But citizen

engagement can help!

Come celebrate and learn about pollinators and their champions. Join the Bay Area movement
to support and increase pollinator populations.

To get involved, reserve a booth, volunteer, or learn more, contact
Website: www.bayareabeefair.org
Facebook: tinyurl.com/beefair2019fb
Jackie Dragon and Mary Lynn Morales, original Bee Fair dreamers
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